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Knob and Tube Wiring

Knob and tube wiring is an outdated electrical wiring system that was commonly used in homes built before 1950. It consists of a system of insulated wires and ceramic knobs and tubes that are used to route the wires through the walls and ceilings of the home.

Although knob and tube wiring was once considered state-of-the-art, it has several disadvantages compared to modern electrical wiring. For example, it does not have an earth ground, which means that it is not as safe as modern wiring systems. Without an earth ground, there is a greater risk of electrical shocks and fires, especially if the wiring becomes damaged or deteriorated.

In addition to the lack of an earth ground, knob and tube wiring is also prone to deterioration over time. The insulation on the wires can break down and become brittle, and the ceramic knobs and tubes can crack and break. This can expose the wires, creating a fire hazard and increasing the risk of electrical shocks.

Because of these hazards, most insurance companies want knob and tube wiring to be replaced in a home. Insurance companies are concerned about the safety and reliability of the electrical system in a home, and they often require that knob and tube wiring be replaced before they will provide coverage.

In addition to the safety and reliability concerns, there are several benefits to rewiring a home or commercial space with modern wiring. Modern wiring is designed to meet the Canadian electrical code standards, which means that it is safe, reliable, and capable of handling the electrical loads of today's homes and businesses. It can also provide additional outlets and circuits, which can be useful if you need to add new appliances or devices to your home or commercial space.

Overall, knob and tube wiring is an outdated and potentially hazardous electrical wiring system. It lacks an earth ground, is prone to deterioration, and can create fire and shock hazards. Most insurance companies want it to be replaced, and there are several benefits to rewiring a home or commercial space with modern wiring that meets Canadian electrical code standards. If you have a home or commercial space with knob and tube wiring, it is important to consider replacing it with modern wiring to improve safety, reliability, and electrical capacity

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